Friday, December 19, 2014

We're Evergreen

I heard a friend of mine say this before I was married and didn't believe it.  Even though you are married and live together, you still rarely talk to you husband.  Life gets in the way.  Thing come up.  There are little annoyances everywhere.  You look for stolen moments here and there to remember why you married your husband and why you love him.  Bedtime or the middle of the night is when we have our best conversations. 

We went to a Christmas party last week and I took this selfie.  This may be my new favorite picture of us.  I think it captures our silliness.  It captures "us".  We make me smile.  This picture is the moment I reminds me of "us".   (Sorry for lack of picture.  Blogger is not cooperating!)

I'm currently hooked on "Thinking of us" by Ed Sheeren and have listened to about a gazillion times over and over.  It's about loving each other forever, even when we are old.  That's Charlie and me.  We're evergreen. 

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