Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Captain of his boat.

I love the creative stage that Calvin is in.  Anything is anything he wants it to be.  I love the cool interactive toys that are make believe kitchens, doll furniture, cars, etc.  But I love even more how much kids don't need that stuff.  The old cliche about a box is true.  It doesn't matter what is in the box, kids will play with the box more than the gift.  I keep lots of empty boxes in the basement for that reason.  Recently, Laci made a laptop computer with a box.  A few months ago, Laci made a puppet theater, complete with a curtain out of a small box.  A few weeks ago, that same box became Calvin's race car.  Yesterday, that broken box ended up in recycling.  

Lately, the couch has become his boat.  And piles of blankets are his car... or rocket ship.  He sits in a pile of blankets and pretends to drive.  Occasionally he will shout out "1,2,3 blast off!"  It's so cute.  Last night, he played with a blanket and two pillows for 30 minutes.  At one point, it was his house and he asked Laci if she wanted to come into his house.  He often invites me to sit in his car with him.  I love what he can do with a blanket. 

I don't know where he got this idea but he is often pouring us juice with this weird shwooshing sound he makes with his mouth.  He will pour "juice" out of anything: toys, his fingers, etc.  He also calls the shwooshing sound the bubble machine.  Saturday afternoon we had a couple of hours just the two of us to just play.  We don't get enough time to just play.  He spent all the time on the couch, I mean his boat.  He used the cash register microphone and called out orders.  He played with the key box for awhile.  He jumped in piles of blankets and pillows and drove all over the world. He just played in his little world with things that I couldn't see.  It was awesome.  The other day at Burger King there was a small display on each table.  He took the display like a computer and asked what we wanted.  After I told him (hamburger), he pretended to punch in my order on the computer and handed me my "hamburger".  
Calvin on his "boat". 
He didn't want me to take his picture.

Calvin and Laci before ballet.  We got there early so she was teaching him her barre work.  Then he ran around awhile before we was exiled to the lobby for her class.

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