Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wedding.... The Anticipation

We're going to a wedding this afternoon.  I am super excited.  I love weddings.  The celebration.  The love.  The hope.  The dresses.  The food.  The dancing.  The magic.  This is the first wedding we have taken the kids too.  I am really excited for them to experience that all too, if even in a child-like sense.  I hope Laci feels that magic too and sees the princess in the bride.

Whenever I go to a wedding, I start preparing days before.  I start remembering my wedding and the magic around it.  The rehearsal dinner.  The family coming into day.  Getting nails done.  Luncheons.  It's all part of the ritual and the magic.  I wake up that morning and remember the jitters I felt.  I remember getting my hair done.  Having my friends over for breakfast.  The special moment with my mom as she gave me her last minute gifts.... special gifts from my grandma and special things she had been saving for me my whole life for that day.  I remember waiting to go to the church being so nervous that my friend that was with me get giving me wedding presents to open! Nothing calms nerves like opening salt and peppers shakers.

I hope that Jillian is experiencing that magic right now.  I coached Jillian on my soccer team when she was a teenager and am really looking forward to seeing the young woman and now wife she has become.  I pray that for her today is not about a day but the start of their marriage and their life together.

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