Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Prince of Egypt - The Play

We rented The Prince of Egypt this week from the library. Laci and I have watched it a few times this week. One night I told her we were only going to watch half but when we got to the halfway point, I was glad it was a short movie because I realized I couldn't stop it. It is a pretty dark beginning and it was not a happy spot to stop it at. I love watching Biblical movies with Laci and try to use it as a way to teach her. The Old Testament is full of the great superheroes of the Bible. But it really had me thinking. And reminded me that I have a daughter that doesn't miss any details. In the last few nights we have talked about a lot of dark subjects - jealousy, anger, selling people into slavery, slavery, jail, difference in ethnic groups, famine, faith in God during the hard times and the one that really threw me was having to explain plural marriage and why Joseph and his brothers had different mothers. I hope she got the faith point out of the movie.
I could still hear her talking last night long after she was supposed to be asleep.  I went to tell her to go to sleep. She had her bears and stuffed animals all lined up on the bed. She explained that she was doing the movie we just watched. I asked her what part she was at. She said she was just handing out the roles. She showed me Joseph, his wife, his mom and dad and three brothers (she couldn't find 11 boy bears). I wish it wasn't so late or I would have asked to watch the play. :) I love her creativity.

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