Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Dressed and Following Directions

Sometimes Laci is so sweet, innocent and adorable I want to just eat her up.  Tonight was one of those nights.  We had a Christmas party after work so we came home quickly to change.  I told her she had to go upstairs and put a dress on.  I could only remember the two new jumpers she had that she refused to wear a shirt under.  so I told her that she had to wear a white shirt under her dress.  It's too cold out tonight to be without anything on her arms.  When we got upstairs, she went to her room, shut the door and told me she didn't need my help.  I was wondering what she would put on.  Some of her choices are pretty original.  She came out with a dress and legging set that I had forgotten my mother had got her.  The best part of her outfit is that she had a long sleeve white shirt under it!  I looked in her room and her drawer was wide open and she had flung all of her clothes everywhere to find a white shirt - like I had asked her too!  She had also pushed her rocking chair over to the closet to reach her new dresses.  I couldn't believe she followed my directions.  She complained that the dress was a little tight over the shirt and I said she didn't need to wear the shirt.  She reminded me that I told her she needed a white shirt.  I was so impressed and tickled pink that she listened and dressed herself - in a dress and legging set that matched! 

We went downstairs to leave and she had to run back up to get something.  The second time she came downstairs wearing a paper crown we had made for her birthday party.  She noticed that it wasn't the one she made so she made one more trip upstairs and came down with her Princess tiara on.  Princess Laci would be attending this party.  I loved her creativity and let her wear the tiara to the party.  She was adorable and I was so proud!

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