Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday Nights

I've written about Sunday mornings.  I've written about Sunday afternoons.  This week, I had a great Sunday night.  Sunday really is my favorite day of the week.  Right now, it's a family day.  We do our errands on Saturday.  On Sunday morning, I review the schedule with Laci - after church, Mom and Dad's responsibility is to clean.  Calvin's job is to nap.  Laci's job is to play.  I love that she has an afternoon just to play.  She doesn't have many of those open times to do that.  If the weather is nice, we try to take a family walk too.  This week, it was.  Dinners are usually simple on Sundays.  Last night we had ramen noodles, soup, hot dogs and applesauce.  The applesauce ended up all over Calvin's head, floor and clothes.  Off to the bath they both went. 

Sunday evenings are special too.  Part of our bedtime routine is play time in our bedroom.  Rarely do all four of us get to play.  Calvin loves playing on our bed - mainly jumping up and down.  When he gets tired, he jumps less and he just lays there on the bed with his head down.  Then we read a few books with him.  Last night, we played Fashion Show.  Laci loves to do this.  She goes in my closet and puts shoes, belts, bags, hats on.  When she walks out, I clap and describe what she is wearing.  If I have ever wondered why I bought so many shoes that I never wear, I now know that the answer is so Laci can play Fashion Show.  My high heels that I have never worn are her favorite.  She calls them the TaDa shoes - as in, she poses and says "TaDa!".  Last night, Calvin played with her.  He had no idea what she was doing.  But he would come out of the closet carrying the same bag.  I would clap for him and he would walk back into the closet.  It was so cute and fun.  Charlie was reading the paper but he clapped at the appropriate time too.  It was so nice to just be together and play.  I had to pause a moment to take it all in.  These are my memories.  

Laci doesn't take a nap Sunday afternoons so she is pretty tired by bedtime.  Therefore, Sunday bedtimes are much more pleasant and she goes to sleep a little earlier.  It's nice to have a little time to myself to unwind and watch TV before passing out asleep like I do most nights!

This time of year must remind me a lot of my childhood.  Last night, I was remembering a game I used to play with my brothers occasionally on Sunday evenings.  My younger brother and I would sit on our bed and turn off the lights.  Our older brother would come in and try to get us in the dark.  The bed was "safe".  I remember the feeling of terror of getting caught so I would just sit on the bed.  My younger brother was braver and would venture off the bed and run around the room as our older was the "monster" chasing him.  So simple but so memorable.  Sometimes I remember these memories and times as a kid and I am reminded that my children are building these memories right now.  I wonder what silly games my kids will play that they will remember as adults.  

If Calvin wakes up from his nap on time, he loves cleaning too! 
The broom is his favorite.  I hope he doesn't outgrow this!


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