Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dresses or Jumpers

In my dreams of a little girl, cute little dresses were included with the pretty long hair.  Laci has phases where she likes the dresses and other times where she refuses.  Laci is starting to be a little picky with her clothes.  She has what I call "thunder thighs" already and denim has never been her friend.  She refuses to wear any denim or anything similar to denim.  She also has issues with long sleeves too.  Every morning she complains that her clothes "don't feel good".  Fortunately, she has learned that she just needs to get used to it.  Lately, she has liked to wear dresses and leggings.  But jumpers "don't feel good".  She only has one dress and one jumper right now.  So this fall, she has worn the same dress to church every week.  I am tired of the dress, even if she isn't.  I asked my mom for some more dresses - but no jumpers.  She came through with a few jumpers and dresses.  My MIL gave Laci the cutest Christmas jumper and asked her to wear it for her Christmas card picture.  I pleaded with Christmas to wear it - if only for a few minutes for the picture.  Laci has a mind of her which I normally encourage.  The best I could get out of her was just the jumper - no shirt and no tights.  She loves the jumpers as long as she doesn't have to wear anything with it.  At least she is cute and the weather was warm enough this weekend to get away with it!
Laci - striking her "model" pose

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