Sunday, August 28, 2011

Every Sunday

This isn't about going to church every Sunday.  This is about the other thing we do every Sunday.  We clean the house.  Sounds like fun, huh.  Somehow Sunday became house cleaning day.  It's actually kind of nice.  We have it down now.  We both know our "chores".  I am a self-professed slob.  I am not neat and tidy.  I know this.  Charlie is neat and grew up in a spotless house.  I did not.  So the fact that I have a "cleaning day" is big for me.  I like having a clean house on Sunday evenings and starting the week off fresh.  Of course, by Friday the house looks like a tornado has hit it. 
During the week, I cook dinner (at least I attempt to make dinner) and Charlie is in charge of cleaning up the kitchen.  Toys rarely get picked up on a daily basis.  But the busyness of life (junk mail and toys) piles up.  Saturday is grocery day and laundry day.  Sunday is cleaning day.  When we get home from church, Calvin takes a nap and Laci has quiet time watching TV and playing.  I am in charge of cleaning the kitchen.  It's nice when everything is cleaned off the counters and put away.  I also put all the toys away and vacuum.  There is always one last load of laundry left on Sunday too.  Charlie is in charge of sweeping and moping the floors, setting the garbage out and cleaning the toilets.  I could say I don't know how our chores divided up but the simple answer is that I don't like mopping and sweeping the floor or cleaning the toilets.  Charlie is also in charge of ironing.  I call ironing the devil's work and refuse to do it. 
We laugh that cleaning with small children in the house is a wasted effort.  Sometimes I am still putting the vacuum away and Laci has dumped all the toys out of the toy box.  I also spend time putting all the toys away in the correct bins and wonder why I do that.  The kids just dump all the bins into one big pile anyway.  Charlie sweeps and mops the floor and then Monday night after dinner wonders why he bothered doing it because most of Calvin's dinner is under his high chair again. 
But there is a moment every Sunday where the house is as clean as it is going to get.  And it is nice.  There is something symbolic to it.  We are ready to start a fresh week.  The mess and craziness can all start again on Monday.

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