Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day???

I know that it is wrong of me to think this way.  And I can't admit it to many people.  But I do not like Mother's Day.  It's too hookey for me.  As a mother, what are we celebrating?   I don't need to be celebrated as a mother.  That's who I am.  I can't imagine being or doing anything else.  I don't celebrate it.  It's like celebrating we are alive.  Oh wait, that is my birthday - which is in 2 weeks if anyone is counting.  The hallmark cards all say "... for all you do..."  Of course I do it all.  It's all I want to do and it isn't "all", it's my life.  It's nothing extra.  I don't want a "special" day. 

I had a great day.  Charlie did a lot the last few days and stayed home with Calvin a lot.  So I took both kids to Starbucks for Frappuchinos.  It's was Calvin's first trip there.  He still has a little to learn about Starbucks.  Laci loves our "coffee dates".  Then to Home Depot.  When we came home, Laci and Charlie went to play tennis.  Calvin and I took a walk and then went to watch.  Being at the tennis court with my family was perfect.  Laci still has a lot to learn about tennis but she is hitting it better and she loves it out there.  And by better, I mean she is hitting about 1 out of 5 instead of the 1 out of 10 she was doing last year.  Calvin loved chasing after the balls and running around the court, passing out water.  He was the ball boy.  I see a tennis racquet in his future - maybe for his birthday. 

I didn't do anything for my mother.  I feel really bad about that.  I forgot a card and didn't want to send an "empty" gift.  I called.  I said "Happy Mother's Day" but was too embarassed to say I forgot a card.  But she probably doesn't think like I do about Mother's Day being unnecessary and may feel forgotten.  Maybe my other three siblings stepped up. 

To me every day is Mothers Day.  Doing it all is my life and what I do.  I may complain sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way.  But I will say this about Mother's Day.  I love getting a gift!  Even if it is a Starbucks card every year.  I don't want a day off or a weekend off or a few hours off.  I do enjoy a few minutes off every now and then and my kids (Charlie) know me well. 

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