Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Worst Vice: No Self-Control

A wise woman once told me that she didn't drink and didn't smoke and if drinking too much Diet Coke was her worst vice, she's doing okay.  I quickly adopted that mantra.  I definitely drink too much Diet Dr. Pepper.  But my vice has gone much further... much worse.  I am now a complete addict of cookies.  It really doesn't matter what kind.  I love cookies.  I can not stop eating cookies.  Meijer Chipsters are my favorite - I prefer the generic to the name brand when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.  One cookie fits perfectly in my mouth.  I went through an Oreo phase for a few weeks when they had the anniversary cookies - strawberry ice cream flavor.  Yum.  This week my cookie of choice is barely even a cookie.  Laci talked me into it.  It's chocolate cover graham cracker.  Wow are they tasty.  I have gotten into the habit of bring a handful of cookies for after my run every day at work.  I ran.  I deserve cookies, right?  I am not at all hungry right now and I will regret it in ten minutes but I just scarfed down a 6 cookies and it was totally worth it.  If eating too many cookies is the worst thing I'm doing, I am going to say I am doing okay.

When it comes to cookies, I have no self-control.  Laci has a song in her spring program called "Self-control" "Self-Control.  I can't control myself.  It's doing what is smart.  And doing what is in my heart."  Apparently, eating too many cookies in in her heart.  

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