Sunday, October 21, 2012

He Did It!!!

He did it!  Charlie ran in the first annual Purdue Half Marathon on Saturday.  My brother found the run and asked us to run with him.  I have absolutely zero desire to run a half marathon right now.  I was surprised when Charlie said that he would run it.  He is so dedicated to his Running Streak - anything else is just a risk to jeopardizing it. 

My brother is a running machine.  Charlie is not.  Their running "philosophies" are night and day different even down to when to arrive at the race.  My brother trains hard.  He studies, learns and follows training programs to reach his goals.  Charlie ran a few long runs on the Saturdays leading up to the race.  My brothers goal was 1:25.  Charlie had two goals - to finish upright and to finish his Sunday run upright. 

My parents came down for the weekend to cheer my brother on.  I wanted to bring the kids to support Charlie.  As we prepared for the race morning (all outings with my kids require preparation), I was regretting the decision to bring the kids.  We had to leave at 6:00 a.m. (the runners were leaving at 5:30), it was cold and there is lots of downtime.  The advantage of supporting my brother is that he is fast, there isn't a lot of downtime.

From the traditional spaghetti dinner until Sunday, the weekend went great.  Charlie finished in a time of 2:11:30 - 10 minute mile pace which is what he wanted.  He even accomplished his second goal and completed his run on Sunday.  The streak continues!  I knew it was wrong of me to complain but I was exhausted!  Between getting up at 5:30 (which seems much earlier on Saturday than it does the rest of the week) and walking all over campus from the start line to the fountain where we cheered them on and pulling the wagon and stroller, I was worn out on Sunday.  But I was so proud of my boys. 

Charlie wondered why I wanted to bring the kids.  I told him that even though it was hard to bring them, I wanted them there.  They didn't see much and didn't understand what was going on.  I want them to see their dad achieve his goals.  Someday they will understand.  In the big picture, it was important.  It was important for them to cheer him on and hug him at the end and it was important for Charlie to see them at the finish line.

As we went to sleep exhausted last night, we reflected on the day.  After the race, most of the day was spent watching football and pigging out on junk food.  Charlie was really glad he did it.  But he has no desire to run another half marathon or marathon any time soon!  I have a desire to run a half marathon every now and then for about 30 seconds.  Then the feeling passes and I am just happy to get my regular daily runs in.  More on that next week....  I hope.  It was a great day.

Laci loves to pose and have her picture taken by anything.
We waited inside.  I brought lots of books and snacks and they waited really well.
Calvin and Grandma waiting by the fountain, Mile Marker 12. He clapped and cheered for every runner.
My brother running just past Mile Marker 12.  He was all alone and ended 13th out of 1500!
Charlie almost at the home stretch.  I was so glad he got to reach his goal at his beloved Purdue.
The Medalists!  Laci ran in the Kids Fun Run.
She was so excited to get a medal. 
While we were taking family pictures after, she insisted on one with the three runners.   

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