Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laci's 5!!!

I forgot to blog about a very important event in our house last month.  Laci turned 5!  This was an important milestone.  5 years old is "all grown up".  She's a full blown kid.  I feel like I have said that at every birthday.  No more baby, all kid.  But 5 years old really is a milestone.  She's in kindergarten.  She's in elementary school. 

Her birthday is at the end of September and we really didn't know how to celebrate.  She just started school in August so I don't know her friends yet and we don't know how to contact them yet.  So we used this opportunity to catch up with some of her friends from daycare.  First she wanted a birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  But we ended up hvaing a simple party at home.  We love simple.  Laci still loves simple.  We invited 6 kids but only 3 kids were able to come.  I was a little disappointed because I hadn't heard from more kids but Laci was happy that her friends were there, there were presents and cake.  We made masks, ate pizza, had cake, played games (sock game, balloons, hot potato) and opened presents.  Laci was so happy and had a great time. 

My parents came that weekend to help her celebrate.  Charlie's parents came on Sunday to celebrate with her again.  Her birthday was on Monday so we opened her presents and celebrated a third day that day.  And on Friday, we made it to Red Robin, our family birthday restaurant.  I love birthday weeks in our house.

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