Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's always something...

t's always something with kids, isn't it?  Just when I get something figured out, they throw a new loop at me.

Last week, at 8:30, I had a call from the school nurse.  The school nurse?  School doesn't even start until 9:00!  I took the kids that morning and when I dropped Laci off at 6:40, she was fine.  What could have possible happened?  The nurse said she had an unexplained rash.  A rash?  Why didn't I think to do a full body scan on the kids!  Oh yeah, because they were arguing over who got to hold Calvin's stuffed Monkey in the car.  I had to take Laci to the doctor. 

Ugh.  Here is the amazing part.  On the way to Laci's school, I got a doctor's appointment for 9:45.  I picked Laci up at 9:15 and headed to the doctors.  We got in and out and back to school with a note from the doctor by 10:45.  She wasn't contagious and it wasn't bothering her.  It just looked horrible.  Laci was buying hot lunch which she rarely does and wanted to be back in time for lunch.  I had a lunch and learn at work that I wanted to be back for - free lunch and a continuing ed credit.  I couldn't believe the whole thing was less than 3 hours from the call to when I got back to work.

The rash was just that - a rash from some sort of irritant outside.  Who knows what.  Now Laci walks around wondering about what she could be allergic to.  The doctor prescribed a cream but when I heard the cream was $100, we did not get that filled!  We just used over the counter stuff and within a few days it was gone.  I just never know what to expect when I get a call from the school!

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