Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ordinary is Extraordinary

I just watched the series finale of The Office.  I was a loyal viewer for all 9 seasons - the good and the bad.  The end was good.  Everyone had an ending or a new beginning.  As they were reflecting on the last 9 years, I related a lot to it.  I have been in my job for 14 years now and while I'm not as close to my co-workers as they are on that show, it is and they are a big part of my life.

The last line of the show struck me "There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things.  Isn't that the point."  I may have gotten that quote off a little bit.  But to me that really is a lot of the point.  It's the point of everything. That is one of the core values that I live my life on.  The ordinary is the most extraordinary thing there is - in marriage, parenthood, jobs.  I have noticed that the times I am most at peace and stressful is just sitting at the park watching and playing with my kids.  Or just sitting in the same room as them.  Or just cooking dinner for them.  It's reaching out and touching my husband while he's sleeping and knowing he is always there.  It's the most ordinary, boring, daily routines of life that I really love the most.  That is why we do everything we do.  

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