Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calvin's Chores

True, he's 1 1/2 so Calvin really doesn't have official chores.  But he does love cleaning!  If he sees a broom, try to keep him away!  I know that it is a phase he will grow out of.  Toddlers love helping and cleaning.  Kids do not.  Maybe Calvin will the one kid that loves cleaning!  I know I hate it so if I can pawn these chores off on my kids, I will be one happy mama!
Calvin empties the dishwasher. 
He doesn't do a great job at putting it away correctly.
But he tries.  After a plate broke, he is now only
allowed to put away the plastic stuff.

Sweeping with Daddy

This kid loves his mop! 
He even takes it for a ride in the stroller.

So excited to receive new clothes from a cousin.
He carefully looked at every outfit.

Not really a chore but he loves coloring now.

Doing the laundry and taking the clothes out of the hamper.
He also can put the clothes in the washer / dryer.

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