Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ruby Bridges

The daycare is closed on Monday so we decided to do something fun for the long weekend.  Today we went to the Children's Museum.  It's hard to work in outings with Calvin's naptime smack in the middle of the day but we decided to go at 10 when they open and see how long he does.  He did fine but Laci tuckered out and lost it at 1:00.  But overall we had a good time.

We have been to the Museum several times.  Laci has several favorite spots and we hit them all today.  The "Children who Made a Difference" exhibit really hit me today.  I didn't get a chance to spent a lot of time in that display as Laci and I were dashing through but I did realize what her story was.  She was the first black child integrated into a white elementary school in 1960 in LA.  The reason why this story hit me like it did is because of Laci.  Some of her best friends at school are black.  I was suddenly so grateful that children like Ruby Bridges did what they did, even though it wasn't easy.  I can't imagine a world where they couldn't be in her class or be her friends.  And I am so glad I never have to... Thanks to so many people like Ruby Bridges, her family, her teacher and her school.

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