Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Life Lesson - Showers

Laci is starting to take showers now.  At a birthday party this winter, some of the parents were talking about their girls and showers.  It got me thinking.  When / how does that transition happen?  A few months ago, Laci asked if she could take a shower.  It is a very wet process for me.  Because I have to still do most of the work with washing her hair.  Sometimes, I just get in the shower with her.  I'm soaked anyway.  This past week, she decided she wants to do everything by herself with her hair.  I found myself demonstrating on my hair how to wash it - all of it, bangs, sides, back, not just the top.  I think she is doing okay.  Of course, her favorite part of the shower is soaping up the sponge and drawing on the glass shower door with bubbles.  I have to set a time limit and remind her that showers are not as long as baths.  But it is just one more thing she is learning to do by herself that is reminding me that she is growing up! 

BTW - Calvin loves it when she takes a shower because that means he gets to take a bath by himself.  No sharing toys or space!  For some reason, neither kid has been a big bath sitter.  They both just stand in the tub and play with toys - usually just dumping water everywhere out of cups.  Laci has always liked colder baths so Calvin is usually subjected to cold baths.  I have no idea why.  I hope he is enjoying his warmer baths by himself.  He is doing better with the earplugs and keeps them in the entire bath.  As soon as he is wrapped up in his towel and I tell him he can take out his ear plugs, he is taking them out.  His other favorite part of a bath is putting his animal towel hoods on his head and looking at himself like a lion or monkey.  ROAR!

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