Friday, June 15, 2012

Talkin' Potties

Calvin is almost 2 and we are approaching the world of Potty Training!  Actually, I thought I had learned some lessons the first time through and I am going to do things a little bit differently.  I am going to do nothing.  That's right, right now I am going to do nothing.  I have always heard that boys potty train later than girls.  And that kids potty train very easily when they are ready.  The struggle comes when they are pushed.  My sister's son is a few months younger than Laci and that is she approach she took.  She had the potty out but she didn't stress over it.  On his third birthday he announced he was done with diapers and that was it.  I stressed and worried about Laci being potty trained, especially when I was pregnant with Calvin.  She moved into the "potty training" class at school when she turned two.  But she didn't start going on the potty for many months.  When she was 2 years old and 8 months, it started to click with her.  After a month, she was potty trained.  It was frustrating for me and it didn't need to be.  So with Calvin, I'm not doing anything.  No frustrations.  No hurry. 

But every kid is so different.  I had put the potty in the bathroom a few weeks ago and he was happy just sitting on it or running around with it on his head.  They moved Calvin up to the 2 year old trainers class this week for Summer Camp.  I love saying that he is in summer camp.  He's so cute.  They do a craft every day and have lots of outdoor activities and water day once a week.  I brought in pull ups as they requested.  Of course, I have about 100 diapers to use at home but we'll get through them.  I didn't expect him to use the potty for awhile.  But lo and behold, he started using it yesterday.  Twice at school and once at home.  They even wrote on his daily report "loves to potty".  I thought that was funny.  Even funnier is that he is still learning to "point down" and there is a lot of clean up involved.  I only had one extra shorts at school and he came home with an extra pair of pink floral shorts from school.  I brought two extra pairs today.  I think he was embarrassed about the shorts because he did not want me taking his picture!   I thought it was adorable.  I know we have a long ways to go and maybe he won't go in the potty again for awhile.  But I was pleasantly surprised at yesterday.  We'll see how the rest of his potty training goes.  We may be done with diapers sooner than we thought if he keeps this up.  Or it may take a year.  I'm sticking to my original plan of following his lead.  His lead just started before I was ready. 

As far as talking, after his second set of tubes, his talking has exploded.  I thought he was talking okay before.  There is such a range when kids talk that I didn't think his talking was behind at all.  But now that he can hear, he talks pretty well too.  Well, pretty well for an almost two year old.  He does two and three word phrases and is constantly repeating us.  It's amazing what a difference being able to hear makes.  Now we feel bad again that he couldn't hear all this time again!  

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