Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Something about a boy and his dog...

Calvin loves his dog.  Not a real dog, of course.  We're not pet people (new fish are the exception).  But Calvin has become attached to Dog, his stuffed animal.  I love the creativity to name him.  Dog has slept in Calvin's bed forever but he has just started to venture out with him to play on the weekends.  Dog came with us on our vacation.  Dog came everywhere with us.  It is so cute to see Calvin interact with Dog the way Laci is with her dolls.  Calvin feeds Dog.  Calvin gives Dog his pacifier.  Calvin has named his pacifier Boppi.  Calvin kisses Dog.  Calvin walks Dog aroud on the floor.  Calvin loves Dog.  There just something about a boy and his dog.  

Calvin has named his blanket "Ninny". Fortunately, Ninny and Dog came together. They are Taggies and there is a picture of Dog on Ninny. Calvin normally isn't allowed to bring Ninny places but both Dog and Ninny came on vacation with us.  Here he is ready to go home on the last day of vacation. 

Dog - Check, Ninny - Check, Princess Purse - Check  :)

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  1. All of our animals are named similarly (with both boys-perhaps it's a boy thing). Puppy and Pup-pup, Frog, Kitty Louis are just a few. Blanket is a Nay-Nay and binkie is well, binky or some nearly 2 year old version there of!