Thursday, July 12, 2012

College: School with a bed and a desk

Tomorrow Charlie is taking the Praxis exam.  He is thinking about changing careers and right now teaching is at the top of his list.  If anyone has any other career change suggestions, shout them out now.  Anyway, he needs to pass the Praxis to get into the transition to teaching program at a university near us.  Fortunately, it is only a one year program.  I explained to Laci that tomorrow Daddy is taking this important test and I would be taking them to school in the morning.  This started an entire list of questions showing what her view of college is.

Me: "Daddy is thinking about going back to school and he needs to pass this test first."
Me: "Yes, college so he can get a new job."
Laci: "So it will just be the three of us?  Will we be able to visit him?"
Me: "What?!?"
Laci:  "Isn't college the school where you live with beds and desks?" 

I suddenly remembered how we have always explained college to her.  When she is grown up, she will go to school and live there without us. 

Me: "Yes, if you are 18 - 21.  Daddy's school is nearby so he can still live at home with us."
Laci: "He can?  Is he going to ask his teachers if he can still sleep at our house?"
Me: "Yes, we will run it by them first."
Laci: "What if they say no?"
Me:  "We'll just keep asking until they say yes.  Daddy isn't going anywhere."

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