Monday, July 16, 2012

Chick Fil A Fridays?

I've written about Taco Bell Fridays before.  Even though we do it every single Friday night, I still look forward to it.  This Friday, Laci came up to me after school to whisper something to me.  She asked to go to Chick Fil A for dinner.  Eeks!  Change?!?  Charlie doesn't do change.  I told her that she would have to ask Daddy.  She mustered up all her courage and asked him if we could have dinner at Chick Fil A.  It was so funny watching his face.  He clearly did not want to change.  But he did for his little girl.  We had dinner voluntarily at Chick Fil A on a Friday night.  Crazy!  I know it was painful for Charlie to make a slight change.  But the kids loved Chick Fil A and ate all their dinner! 

I think I may have Taco Bell for lunch today.  :)

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