Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whoops - bad mother's intuition

Sometimes I guess wrong.  A few weeks ago, Laci had a hangnail on her thumb and it grew into a cut at her fingernail.  That should have been simple enough.  But she picks at things and it never healed.  Last weekend, I noticed that it was swollen around her thumb and didn't look too good.  My mom suggested asking a pharmacist what kind of ointment to use on it.  I never did.  The kids have check ups next week and I figured it could wait until then.  I asked Charlie to look at it a few times but he never did.  I continued to try to put antibacterial ointment on it but there was no cut or drainage.  It's just red and swollen.  Finally, Friday night he looked at her thumb.  His reaction was something along the lines of "Why haven't  you taken her to the doctor for that yet?!?!"  At this point, I noticed that her finger nail was started to come off at the base.  So Saturday morning I found myself at med check for a hangnail gone wrong.  Laci is now on an antibiotic and has an antibiotic cream.  I keep kicking myself saying this all started with a hangnail! 

Of course Laci loves the attention of a doctor or medicine and is thrilled that she got to the doctor and has not one, but two medicines! 

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