Monday, July 30, 2012

Laci's Day

On Friday, Laci and I took the day off to have a special fun day before the start of kindergarten. I'll write more about Laci starting Kindergarten later. It's a big decision for us to send her now. But right now is about her fun day.

We started off with a walk / run. I am really looking forward to the day I can take Laci with me for a run while she rides her bike. Friday was not that day. She isn't very consistent on her bike so I ended up mostly walking. Plus, we took the trail through the woods near the creek by our house. It is so pretty over there and you feel lost in nature. She was very easily distracted and we counted all the animals we saw - birds, bunnies, chipmunks and frogs. The final tally was 27!  The walk ended poorly because she said she rode her bike over a small frog. I didn't see it so I don't know if it was a frog or a leaf but she cried for a long awhile. We took a shower when we got home and she fell out of the shower and hurt her bum. It bruised up pretty bad. :(
The day got so much better. She asked Charlie to come with us to the Children's Museum. He made the right choice and came with us. How do you say no to your little girl? It was a really fun time there. It was such a different experience taking just her - she is a little older and can do some of the other activities. But dressing up is still her favorite and I think she put on every dress up and got on every thing there. It was really nice not to have to chase Calvin either and we could focus on her.
Sitting and coloring was a new addition to our Museum activities. 

She had to sit in anything that was sit-able.

And she loved anything that involved dressing up.

Dressing up and making faces was the best.

Next on the agenda was her kindergarten assessment. We have been by the school a lot. We like to play on the playground. But Laci had never been inside. So it was fun to show her around and to see the classrooms, cafeteria and gym. It is just fueling her excitement.

Finally, we hit Starbucks. Starbucks is one of our favorite mother/daughter treats. We splurged and got a muffin too. The lady next to us said she thinks the muffins are phenomenal. Phenomenal is now one of Laci's new favorite words. It turns out iPhones are just as much fun as photobooths and we spend a few minutes taking silly pictures. We ended our date with a quick trip to Kohl's for some school clothes before heading over to get Calvin. It was a good day!
Getting the chocolate off her face.

Mad Faces

Silly Faces

I think we were going for sweet faces.

Sad Faces? Or angry faces?

Surprised Faces!

Happy Faces 

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