Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Mickey!... Winter Dance Review

Laci had her first dance recital Sunday night at the Winter Review.  The winter review is a smaller recital than the big recital that will be in June.  She only had a tap dance and wore a khaki skirt and white polo shirt.  Her song was Hey Mickey.  At the big recital, she will have a ballet dance and a tap dance and very glitzy costumes.  Even at that, it was still over an hour and a half long.  Calvin did great and watched it all.  Laci was so excited.  I was the class mom and sat with the girls in the auditorium while they waited for their turn.  After each dance, they asked if was their turn yet.  They started off slow and nervous but ended the dance well.  It was great. 
The girls before their show.

My in-laws even made it to the recital.  Having two boys, this was their first dance recital.  Like most parents and grandparents, they were probably bored to tears waiting for their granddaughter's two minutes on stage.  My MIL had even heard from her friends to remember to bring a rose for Laci.  The rose is proudly displayed in a vase as the centerpiece on our table.

I loved every second of the recital.  The preschool and kindergarten classes were cute because the girls basically just stood there.  There is always one that starts to cry or walk off in the middle.  But the dances I really loved were the "big girls" - the junior high and high school girls.  There are usually in multiple dances - jazz, ballet, tap, modern.  They have many costume changes.  I love the excitement backstage - the make up, the shoes, the costume changes, the productions.  I love watching these girls dance their hearts out.  They aren't great.  They are good.  They are okay.  But this is their moment.  This is their moment to shine.  There may be a few that pursue dance in college or later.  But for most of them, this is it.  This may be the only stage they will ever dance on.  They aren't dancing for their parents.  They aren't dancing for the audience.  They are dancing for themselves.  They love to be onstage and to dance.  This is their dream.  This is what they work so hard for.  I remember that feeling.   

I smiled and tears came to my eyes watching these girls.  i was watching the recital with different eyes than Charlie and his parents.  I watched and loved every single dance - not just Laci's.  I haven't danced on a stage in almost 20 years.  But I remember that feeling.  The feeling of dancing on a stage... for myself.  I dance in the kitchen all the time.  My kitchen is my stage now.  I can still have the feeling of dancing my heart out in my kitchen.  I was so happy for all of those girls and what they did yesterday.  I can't wait for the June recital and to see the magic again.  

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