Friday, February 22, 2013


Laci and Calvin had a day off school on Monday and Tuesday.  I realized that I have plenty of vacation time left before the end of May so I stayed home with them.  It was a nice break.  We tried to do a lot of extra activites and have a lot of down time to just be at home to play.

Saturday - Laci and I used a groupon for ice skating.  It was a lot of fun.  Laci has definitely improved in the 3 times she has done it.  she liked to try to ditch me and skate by herself.  Sneaky.  I must have had better skates because my feet and ankles didn't hurt nearly as much as they did the last time we went.  Her feet were bothering her.  Ice Skating is tricky because I wasn't tired at all skating but on the way home, it hit me.  I was worn out.  We went to the library and got some movies.

Sunday - quiet day.  We cleaned.  We played.  We took a bath.  We need the quiet days.  I actually got three closets cleaned, all the bathrooms and regular kitchen, family room, vacuuming, laundry done!

Monday - Playdate.  Laci's friend from down the street came over to play.  I usually just leave the girls alone and let them play by themselves unless they need something specific.  It's so funny to overhear their conversations.  They were building a fort and had a whole discussion on coworkers - they are coworkers because they are working together and they are friends.  i liked that.  Her friend was a little bossy though and I often overheard her tell Laci that they had to do it her way because she is the guest.  I'm sure she has heard that in reverse at her house.  I didn't saw anything because they need to work it out and learn how to play together on their own.  
Playing a little catch in the house.
Tuesday - Chuck E Cheese.  I love Chuck E Cheese.  It's a cheap and a easy place for entertainment and lunch is included.  I came with lots of online tickets for the kids and that helped too. And you can't lost your kids at Chuck E Cheese.  Although I feel bad for the kids when they have to chase Chuck E Cheese around and dance for him to throw tickets.  They all look like they are whoring themselves out for tickets!  Calvin fell asleep on the way home and took a good nap.  I worked on my scrapbook while Laci rested and watched a movie.  After the nap, we went to the YMCA where Laci just joined and picked up her summer camp t-shirt. More on that later but I am so excited for her summer camp!  She is going to have a great time.  And the last treat was Dairy Queen.  I had buy one get one free coupons for smoothies.  They wanted Dilley Bars and in retrospec, the dilley bars may have been cheaper but I had a coupon!  

All in all it was a great little break.  Only 5 more weeks until Spring Break! 

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