Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No more... car electronics

We have a DVD player in the car and have been really good about not using it on day to day trips.  2 hrs is the minimum car ride to get to be able to watch it.  I always see people on grocery trips or day to day errands watching DVDs and I didn't want to be one of them.  Then I realized we were getting just as bad ...  with phones and ipads.  We don't have any video games yet except a leappad.  But I have a few games on my phone and my ipad.  The other day, as we were going to church, I noticed one kid had the phone and the other had the ipad.  This has got to stop.  They need to learn to be able to sit quietly for 20 minutes.  One of my new phrases that I heard from someone recently is "part of being a kid is being bored."  They need to learn to be bored a bit.  I like to teach by example and I am very guilty of pulling the phone out as soon as we get in the car - with Charlie driving of course.  So I am banning myself from playing on the phone in the car.  If I pull it out and they see it, they immediately ask to play.  In the last week since I started this, Laci has only asked for the phone once.  I am not a hard and fast rule maker or enforcer so I occasionally give in.  But I want the norm to be sitting quietly in the car and not playing games.  Hopefully this will become habit.  I think that I may struggle just as much as the kids.

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