Friday, March 22, 2013

Calvie Updates

I love the little chats I have with Calvin while picked Laci up from school.  Yesterday we passed the party store so I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted.  He said he wanted presents.  So I asked him what decorations he wanted for his birthday.  He said Christmas.  So apparently he wants a present theme party with Christmas decorations. :)  

On the talking to two year olds topic, all two year olds crack me up.  When I picked Calvin up yesterday, I talked to a little friend of his that I know has a cat named Calvin too.  I asked her "Do you ever get your friend Calvin confused with your cat Calvin?"  I love her response - "I like to blow bubbles!"  So random.  So 2.  

This week Calvin has had the worst diaper rash.  He poops more than any child I know - true, I am not taking any official surveys and I am sharing too much information.  There is a reason we call one child "Pooper" and the other one "Tooter" which is short for "Tootie McTooter".  If Calvin didn't poop so much, he wouldn't have these diaper rash issue.  His rash this week was so bad, he refused baths.  It was really sad.  Laci is very empathic when she knows he is hurting.  It is really sweet.   I let him skip a bath for awhile but by Tuesday, he needed at least his hair washed.  I ended up holding him over the bathtub while Charlie dumped water on his head and washed his hair.  Last night was a milestone because he was "healed" enough to at least get in the tub!  He didn't sit in the water and just stood there and played.  But really, neither of my kids never sit in the tub and always just stand there.  But his hair is washed and he is clean!  I hope his bottom stays healed enough for awhile.  

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