Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some amusing Laci sayings: Fairies and Egypt

Last night I was putting Calvin to bed.  Charlie wasn't home yet so I asked Laci if she wanted to say his prayer.  She was happy to step in and help out.  I asked her to say the Lord's Prayer too.  She has been able to say the Lord's Prayer since she was about 2 years old but it is just now that she is learning what she is saying.  It was pretty funny when she said "and deliver us from Egypt."  I guess she was saying Moses' version.  

A little while later, we were watching a Disney Fairy movie.  I asked how Tinkerbell went from Pixie Hollow, where she lives in the Disney Fairy series to Neverland with Peter Pan.  She explained that it is not really Tinker Bell and went on to use the example of Debby Ryan and Jessie.  She's Debby Ryan in real life but Jessie on the show.  So apparently Tinker Bell is just acting on Peter Pan.  She is just a character.  Who knew?  :)

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