Thursday, March 28, 2013


I have finally gotten back into scrapbooking. I love documenting my kids lives.  To me, giving them the memories and timeline of their life is one of the greatest gifts I can give them so I work hard on staying up to date on it.  But it is hard.  I do one scrapbook a year for each child with one page for each month - sometimes two for special events.  I usually take a break in the fall / winter from scrapbooking because things get in the way but I am finally getting back to it.  I finished Calvin's "2" book and Laci's "5" book and started Calvin's "3" book.  This week I did the pages from August / September for Calvin's book. I keep a small journal with what we do each week.  It's not a lot of detail but it jogs my memories of what we did.  It makes the scrapbooks easier to do and I love documenting our lives.

August and September were hard for me to do for Calvin.  That is when we were in the midst of the seizures. His epilepsy is very under control now and we don't worry about it at all.  He has his medicine and we haven't had any problems since he started it.  Except for this month when I kept spilling it and we have to wait until insurance says we can refill it.  I can pick it up tonight and I had just enough for today!  But now that 6 months has gone by, I have had time to reflect on that time.  It was scary.  I think it is scarier now thinking back about it than it was going through it.  I was so scared for him.  I used to stand over his bed at night and just watch him sleep - praying that he wouldn't have another seizure and that he wouldn't be scared again.  I obviously didn't go into detail in his scrapbook but just wrote a quick note about it because it was something significant in his life.

I have had the same thoughts about his tubes and adenoid surgery.  They weren't major procedures and at the time you just go through it.  But now, thinking about it, I never want to have to give my baby to the nurse again and have him go under.  It's just too much.  The last set of tubes have worked so well that he hasn't any had ear infections or sinus infections since last spring!

I haven't been able to blog about my new mom superhero.  But I will later.  Now looking back at the small things we have gone through with Calvin makes me so in awe of a friend of mine.  She has gone through so much with her daughter and is now my mom superhero.  I know that she must have been on autopilot that first year of her daughter's life but she is amazing and their family is amazing for it. 

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