Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My kids are not technology saavy but getting closer.  I really haven't done too much on the computer with Laci.  There are so many toddler and preschool games out there.  But she can't work a mouse!  She is so used to the touch screen on my Nook and her LeapPad that she gets frustrated with the mouse.  I should pull it out and try again.  She likes to type the alphabet on the computer.  The first "video game" / electronic we got her was the LeapPad for Christmas.  She loves it.  She really does a good job of taking care of it and not losing the stylus (my fear).  I am amazed at how she can figure things out on it.  I have never done anything on it but put the games on and hand it to her.  She does the rest.  Before she got that, she would play with a calculator and call it her video game.  This is one of those things where being first born is a disadvantage.  We want to wait as long as possible before introducing video games to her.  No Nintendo DS's or Wii's for awhile.  But whenever we give in and get one, Calvin will be 3 years younger when he starts playing than Laci is.  Sometimes he sneaks off with her LeapPad and looks so proud of himself pressing the buttons and screen and doing nothing.  

When it comes to cell phones, Laci is a whiz.  She loves the apps and camera on my iPhone.  It's a work phone so I don't let her get any games for it.  The only apps I have are the free ones I can get from Starbucks.  She was so impressed when I told her I got Dora Skywriting from Starbucks.  Of course, she was devastated when she realized that is the only game that came with the app and I wouldn't let her get the ones that are advertised on the Dora app. Those sneaky app makers messing up my kids with advertising!  

She is just starting to want to call people on the cell phone.  I have two Favorites - my sister and Charlie.  I heard my phone dialing at 7:30 on a Saturday and was terrified that she called a work contact!  Fortunately, it was just my sister and I didn't mind waking her up early on a Saturday.  :)  I rarely text people but Laci loves "texting".  I have found her on her toy cell phone "texting" her cousins.  Last night, she was begging me to call one of her friends mom to set up a play date.  I don't have her number so I told her I would email her later.  Laci handed me the cordless phone and asked me to "text" her.  She reminded me that the last time I texted (emailed) her I used my phone.  Well, it was my cell phone, not my landline phone.  Close but so far. 

To the kids, anything is a phone.  In the car one day, she pulled out an old Sucrets box that my grandfather-in-law had kept small things in (remember we got the car from him) and used it as a cell phone.  I had a magazine in the car and that became my "computer" to receive the messages.  Somehow the Sucrets box made it in the house and I saw Calvin walking around yesterday holding it up like a phone saying "-Ello, -Ello".  Nothing says 90 year old toddler like a Sucrets Box!

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