Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Calvin's Love of Basketball

I know toddlers can get fixated and obsessed with something.  Laci never was.  Calvin is.  He loves Basketball.  He is obsessed with Basketball.  All he talks about is Basketball.  The only 3 syllable word that he knows and says constantly is Basketball but it is more like Ba-ket-ball.

He got a toy basketball hoop for Christmas that set off his love of basketball. Anytime he sees a basketball, ball or anything that resembles a ball, he starts yelling Basketball.  It's pretty funny.  He has a Purdue board book and one of the pages has sports and all the different balls.  We keep going to that page and he will yell Basketball each time like it is the first time he has ever seen it.  If we are driving through a neighborhood and there is a basketball hoop - Basketball!.  Saturday morning, Calvin was up before Laci.  We went downstairs and started doing flashcards (his second love) and then he started pointing to the TV.  I thought he would ask for Mickey Mouse. But no, he wanted to watch Basketball.  I wasn't sure I could find a basketball game off season at 7:00 a.m.  Thank goodness for on demand.  He was fine with a 10 minutes highlights of the NIT finals.  When Charlie's Sports Illustrated comes, he will go through the magazine page by page many times looking at every single picture of a basketball.  We can spend 15 minutes on a magazine.  We do the same thing with the sports section of the paper.  He also read Charlie's Tennis magazine the other day.  He was pretty disappointed when he brought my People over to me and there weren't any basketballs in it.  Fortunately, there was an article on animals with lots of pictures.  

I'm curious if he will continue his love of basketball and sports in general.  I just hope he inherits his dad's height!

"Reading" the Sports Page -
Pointing and yelling "Basketball" at every picture

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