Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Training Schedule

My new training schedule seems to be working.  My brother, the runner, is big into training programs.  He reads running magazines about training programs, nutrition, rest, the proper trait, etc.  Charlie's training program is simple - run every day.  My training program is pretty much schedule induced.  I run when I can.  I have written before that I run primarily at lunch and occasionally once on the weekends.  Lunch time runs are perfect because the kids are at daycare.  But it does limit my run to about 4 miles.   That's not really a problem because I rarely want to run more than 4 miles.  Lately, my schedule has been such that I have been hitting it hard one week (3 - 4 runs a week) and then I'm busy the next week and only getting 1 or 0 runs in.  I ran today after a 9 day break.  I was a little concerned that I would be out of shape.  I was wrong.  I felt great and got 4.1 miles in.  I haven't been able to use my magic treadmill #5 in awhile.  But I have been increasing my speed regardless.  I am now averaging a speed of 7.0 for the first two miles and finishing the second two miles at 6.7.  My new training schedule of one week on, one week off must be working.  I feel great this afternoon.

My brother recently bought a new GPS watch.  He is using it to train for an upcoming marathon.  He has set up paces on the watch and it is really improving his time.  Right now on his training runs, he is working towards a 3 hr 10 min marathon.  I saw a similar watch on groupon and splurged and bought it.  I have only used it on a couple of walks because I haven't gotten an outdoor run done this spring yet.  But I am looking forward to seeing my distance on some outdoor runs this summer.  And maybe get a few 6 or 7 mile runs in this summer.   

I have also discovered that I have a cookie weakness.  I have no self control at the grocery store.  I love cookies in the afternoon after my run.  Today I didn't pack any!  My house is full of Easter candy and I didn't remember to pack any of it in my lunch box today.  Grrrr.  All I brought was a blueberry muffin for my afternoon snack.  It's just not the same. 

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