Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A few of Laci's funny sayings

Laci's vocabulary is still progressing but funny too.  She has a few favorite words and a few words that are just wrong.  But when I try to correct her, she tells me that I am wrong.  And it's fun that she is starting to pick up on cliches and use them - sometimes correctly, sometimes not.

Favorite words - Camouflage - I don't know why but she loves to use the word camouflage.  If something is hidden, it is automatically "camouflaged".

Wrong words - Forechin - This is what she calls a forehead.  She corrects me when I tell her it is a forehead.  "No, Mom, it is a forechin."
                    - Fire bomb - This is a fire drill.  It sounds much more dramatic when I pick her up from school and she tells me they had a "fire bomb" today.

Cliches - "Speaking of..."  The other day, while eating an apple, she said "Mom, I like apples because they are so juicy.  Speaking of juice, can you get me some juice?"
             - "I'm Positive" or "Are you positive?"

Okay, of course right now I can't think of anything else funny she says.  I know there is more.  I'll have to update this later!
Calvin's vocabulary is increasing every day too.  He is constantly repeating what we say and has his own favorite words - Basketball, moo, cow, duckie, more, juiceetc.  Yesterday he even asked for water.  I was so impressed.  :)

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