Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some one-liners from Saturday

Laci had me chucklying yesterday with a few good one liners.  My favorites -

1.  Some how after lunch, the kids moved the kitchen chairs over to the other side of the room and were standing / jumping on them.  Laci declared herself the Officer.  I didn't even know she knew what an Officer was.  I said I was an officer too.  She said that I was not.  So I said I was the Petty Officer.  Her response - "Okay, you can keep track of the pennies.  That is what the Penny Officer does."

2.  "Daddy, Smile.  You need to smile more because you always look mad."  That made me a little sad.  The truth hurts.

3.  We went out to dinner at a new restaurant.  It's at a golf course that some friends of ours own.  It is a nice place and we were hapy that both kids behaved.  But we still apologized for the mess we made.  On the way home, Laci was playing with a Beanie Baby and said "Mom, I have a problem.  I have a meeting and I have to take her to her ballerina class.  If I don't go to my meeting, they are going to shoot my son!"  Charlie and I were laughing at this point.  But it sounds serious.  Where does she get these ideas!?!  I solved the problem by taking her daugher (Beanie Baby) to her ballerina class.  Whew - her son lives! 

On this drive home, somehow Calvin ended up with my phone and Laci had the play phone.  It was pretty funny watching him hold up the phone to his ear saying "-Ello, -Ello".  Then he held the phone up and started saying "Cheese" and pretended to take pictures.  :)

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