Monday, April 16, 2012

Laci's Amazing Memory

I don't know what kids remember and what they know.  I only know my kids.  And everything my kids do is amazing to me.  Maybe it's all normal but it is all amazing to me.  Laci has inherited Charlie's memory.  I can't remember squat.  Charlie remembers everything.  She remembers everything.  This weekend we were at Purdue.  We were driving by the Neil Armstrong building and Charlie started talking about Neil Armstrong and his accomplishments.  There is also a big statue of Neil Armstrong.  Charlie mentioned that we took a picture of her in front of it a long time ago.  Her response "Oh, that is Lincoln."  She was remembering that we took a picture of her with her cousins with a statue of Lincoln last Labor Day.  We were impressed that she not only remembered taking the picture with a statue but she remembered that it was Lincoln.  The next thing we need to work on is history because Lincoln did not walk on the moon.
Look at me... I'm Abe Lincoln!

Saturday night, we started talking about the night Calvin was born.  It amazes me that she remembers waking up at our friends house as Charlie passed her over in the middle of the night so we could go have Calvin.  She remembers watching Thomas the Train with them and playing with them all night long.  We were fortunate that night to have somewhere to take her.  But she doesn't remember that before he was born, she was insisted that we name him "Christopher" and now she claims that she is responsible for naming him "Calvin".  

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