Friday, October 7, 2011

Taco Bell Fridays

If you know Charlie and my story, you know about O'Charley's.  O'Charley's is the restaurant we met at.  It was part of our church's singles group and was dinner at O'Charley's every Thursday night.  It was a pretty informal gathering and the numbers ranged from 4 to a high of 8 people.  Towards the end it was only 4 people with Charlie and I being two of them.  We continued having dinner at O'Charley's even after we were married.  Then Laci came along.  After 8 years, Thursday Night O'Charley's came to an end when it was too difficult to contain a toddler at a sit down restaurant.  But we suddenly realized that Laci behaved great at Taco Bell.  And Taco Bell Friday was born.  Every Friday night we have dinner at Taco Bell.  We always go to the same one.  Calvin seems to enjoy with Taco Bell Fridays too.  After dinner, sometimes we go for a drive or to the mall or the park.  Sometimes I get a little tired of Taco Bell.  But I still look forward to Taco Bell Friday.  Mainly because I don't have to make dinner!     

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