Monday, August 6, 2012

Update on the fish

Laci's main chore is feeding her fish. She is supposed to do it every night at dinner. She forgets a lot. I try very hard to remind her and make her to do. I could easily do it for her but I want her to learn responsibility and the importance of a chore. We talk about responsibility a lot and she knows that if she takes a toy with us somewhere, it is her responsibility to not lose it or forget it. Saturday night she forgot to feed the fish so I just went ahead and did it. Sunday morning she remembered and said "Mom, I forgot to feed the fish!". I told her that I did it for her. It was so sad when she followed that up with "I guess I am not that responsible. Maybe we shouldn't have gotten the fish." I reminded her that one of the reasons we got the fish was to help her learn responsibility.

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