Wednesday, August 22, 2012

She hit the wall...

One of the reasons not listed on the previous post about going to kindergarten is no naps in kindergarten. Laci still took naps at her daycare and she does not need one every day. She hasn't taken a nap on the weekend for a couple of years. But since she always took one at school during the week, we never fully transitioned to "no naps". Bedtime was tough because she wasn't tired because she had taken a 2 hour nap at school. She was tired on the weekends... overtired leads to tantrums.

Today was Day 8 of no naps. Today she hit the wall. I recognized the overtired tantrum immediately. Her tantrum started before dinner because her lego helicopter broke. I hugged her, ignored her and we moved on. Charlie and her got into it later. It was ugly. He was getting on her about every little thing. She was provoking him. I knew it was because she was overtired. I finally got her calmed down enough to take a walk around the block in the stroller.  I knew she needed some downtime. I felt pretty silly walking my nearly 5 year old around the block in the stroller as I waved to neighbors.  She barely fit in the stroller.  But it was needed.  We had a talk about behavior and listening to her dad.  When we got home, she apologized to Charlie and me. 

I am sure we will have plenty more tantrums due to overtiredness before we are done with this transition.  But it is time.

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