Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Call

Last week I got "the call". The call that every mother dreads. I was in a meeting 90 miles away from home and I could see the daycare number pop up on my phone. Fortunately Charlie was working at home and I knew if Calvin was sick, he could go pick him up. I listened to the message and it was pretty innocent so I assumed it was something trivial I needed to do. I still had some papers in my bag i needed to fill out. A few minutes after that, Charlie called and said he was meeting Miss Sara and Calvin at the hospital! Calvin had fallen and passed out and they were taking him to the hospital just in case. My co-workers all heard a giant "What! I'm leaving in a few minutes." I was in a bit of shock and continued talking about my project. They all turned to me and told me to leave... now.  
I got in the car and left. I still had an hour and a half to drive. There was nothing I could do. I made a call to my office because there was a meeting there that I was supposed to go to. I wasn't sure if I should go home or to the office. I think I was in shock because I felt nothing. I remember thinking that I must have good faith because even though I had gotten "the call", I knew Calvin was fine. I wasn't worried. Should I be? Would a better mother be more worried? A few minutes later, I did break down. It was such a range of emotions for that 90 mile drive. 
Thank goodness for cell phones. I was able to talk to Charlie every 15 minutes and got updates. Apparently, he had fallen at the playground, hit his eye and blacked out. They did a CT Scan just in case. The cut on his eye didn't need stitches. Charlie said that when he got here Calvin was very out of it and very scared. But by the time they left, he was looking better. By the time I got back to town, Calvin had been given the all clear and released. I went to work for a little while. I felt like I was doing the wrong thing and was supposed to go home to be with my baby. But my baby was with his dad and was getting ready to take a nap. There was nothing I could have done for him. Plus, I was still shaking and so worked up. I don't think I could have gone home. I needed to calm down.
He was diagnosed with a mild concussion. After talking to the director and his teachers later, I am still not sure what happened. I am not sure how he fell, hit his eye or hit his head. But he scared them. They said he was definitely out and they were blowing on his face trying to get a reaction. After he came to, his color was gone and he was not himself and was totally out of it.
I went home early and was there when he woke up from his nap. The nice thing about having Laci in school is that I was able to call and change her transportation for the day. She rode the bus home. I thought that was great - the school delivers your child home! I didn't have to go back out with Calvin to pick her up. When Calvin got up, he was still moving pretty slow. I actually sat and watched him watch a movie. I have never seen him sit still to watch an entire movie before. He must have been out of it. But by bedtime that night, he was back to his crazy self - climbing on furniture and jumping on the couch. It's hard to keep a 2 year old down. But we survived our first trip to the ER.  And fortunately with nothing broken. 

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