Sunday, September 16, 2012

From one mother to another...

This morning was my turn to volunteer with child care at church.  I know our church is pretty disorganized with drop off and pick up between services and do to several factors, now is worse than usual.  Plus Laci is clingy and always wants to stay with me in the preschool room instead of going to her own sunday school class.  Anyway, there were lots of tears from her and somehow Calvin walked off with Charlie.  I assumed Charlie took Calvin to the 2 year old room.  That is where he always goes.

A little while later, everything had calmed down.  Laci ended up staying with me.  I was talking to one of the mothers who was dropping off her child in the preschool room and asked if she saw Calvin in the 2 year old room.  No.  He wasn't there.  That's strange.  Charlie always puts him in there.  I was sure he was with Charlie somewhere.  But where?  For a second I panicked that Calvin was sitting in the dining room by himself eating a donut - she said she hadn't seen him in there either.  What if Charlie didn't see him follow him out and he walked off by himself?  I was sure he was fine but what if?  After a while, I was still a little worried and thought about running into the sanctuary to make sure Charlie had him in there.  Why would Charlie take him in there?  A few minutes later, the mother popped her head back in the preschool room to tell me that she did see Calvin with Charlie in the sanctuary.  I was so glad she did that because deep down, I was a little worried.  It is a strange feeling when you really aren't sure where your child is.  She said she saw him and she thought she would want someone to reassure her if she wasn't quite sure.  I thought, only a mother would think to run out and reassure another mother!  But I'm glad she did.  :)

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