Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running Updates

My running is going great! I had a horrible month of July.  There were a lot of things that may have attributed to the horrible month - heat wave, new medication.  But there were some days that I barely got 3.5 miles in.  By the end of June, I was running about 4.5 miles, almost 3 times day.  I was pretty down about the runs.  I was just exhausted in general.  I felt bad because it was too hot too ever go out and play and almost every day became a movie night.  I missed playing with the kids.

But by August I was starting to get things back.  It cooled down - if you can call "only" the 90s cooler weather.  I felt more adjusted to the new drug.  We started to take walks again and trips to the park.  My running slowly started to come back. 

Now in September I feel like I am where I was at the end of June.  I even ran 5 miles today.  True, I had the help of the "magic" treadmill but I felt great.  After the disasterous run of the Fourth of July, I decided I do not want to do any 5k runs for awhile.  But I am almost ready to commit to the 5k run at the Purdue Half Marathon in October.

Speaking of the Purdue Half Marathon, Charlie is running it.  I can't believe he has commited to it.  Of course, he still claims he can back out of it.  He has only simply signed up for it.  He hasn't started training beyond his 3 miles a day.  He is concerned that the marathon may put his streak in jeopardy.  But I know he can do it.  Hopefully in October he can get a few long runs in.  My brother is running it too.  It's so funny because both of their approaches to training is so different.  My brother is so serious and passionate about training and running.  Charlie just does runs. 

My original goal of 400 is very attainable now.  I only have 52 miles left.  I hit 400 miles last year on Thanksgiving.  I am shooting for Halloween this year.  Everything on top of that is just extra.  Everyone has different motivations for running and hitting my mileage goal is definitely enough motivation for me.  It's been a great running year. 

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