Friday, September 21, 2012

Time to make the lunches!

I don't know why but I love making lunch for Laci every day.  I realize I have only packed luched for her for 30 days and I have 16 more years of packing lunches for the kids.  I am sure I will sing a different tune in a few years.  But I packed my lunch every day for 12 years.  It's normal to me.  I still pack my lunch 2 or 3 days a week.  Charlie thinks we need to force her to buy her lunch at school for two reasons - so she knows how to do it and so she is forced to sometimes eat what she doesn't want to eat. I had assumed that some days she would buy lunch and some days she would take her lunch.  She refuses to buy a lunch.  I feel like I should make her do it at least one day so she knows now.  But it has been so long that she is afraid now.  Plus, the line for the lunch is long and by bringing her lunch, she has more time to eat.  I still make her buy milk but the milk only line is first and short.  

Her lunches are pretty boring and plain.  At one point, she actually asked me to pack less because she didn't have time to eat it all.  It's hard to know what how much to pack.  So I stopped giving her chips and I don't throw in a cookie.  I don't mind because I like knowing what she is eating and how much.  So every night I ask her what she wants for her lunch and then I go pack her lunch.  In the morning, I finish packing both of our lunches.  Her sandwiches are either two cheese roll ups or a peanut butter and jelly pita sandwich.  Her fruit is either banana, strawberry, grapes or yogurt.  Occasionally I sneak a carrot stick in her grapes.  We ran out of pitas and roll ups so this week she has had yogurt, banana and granola bar.  I have no idea why she has never requested a sandwich with bread.  The lunches have been pretty simple to pack.  She wants to bring a juice box too so she doesn't have to wait in line for milk so we made a deal - Friday is Capri Sun day.  

As a side note to packing lunches, I learned a few years ago that I have a secret obsession with lunch boxes.  I didn't realize how much I love lunch boxes until I got one for Christmas a few years ago and thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I have several now.  I got an even cooler one last year for Christmas.  It may have been my favorite Christmas gift.  I didn't get Laci a new lunch box before school started but I snuck a peak at her birthday gift from her cousins and I love it.

Today was pizza day.  We have been talking about her buying lunch on pizza day.  Last pizza day, she wanted to see the pizza before she fully committed to buying her lunch.  Last night, she almost agreed to buying her lunch.  There was a sudden sadness in me.  No lunch to make?  What to do?  I wanted to encourage her to buy her lunch and try something new.  But I like making her lunch.  I wasn't disappointed when she changed her mind and said she wanted to bring her lunch again.  I really need to encourage her more to try new things and not selfishly encourage her to do it my way to be dependent on my sandwich and banana.  

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