Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where's Calvin!

Everyday, when we go to pick up Laci at school, Calvin puts his blanket on his head and says "Where's Ca-win" (his word for Calvin) or "Where's Mommy". Then I realize we are playing so I will say "Where's Calvin?" And he answers "Under my ninny!"
He doesn't seem to be missing Laci at school anymore. When I ask him if we should go pick up Laci, he will often answer "No". That makes me laugh too. Then when we drive by his school, I point out the window and say "what's that?" so that he will answer "Calvin's school". We try to always call it Calvin's school instead of Laci's school so he will have his own sense of pride about going to his school, not just being in Laci's shadow. 
Charlie and I agree that the time spent with one kid while picking up or dropping off the other kid is really an unexpected benefit of having the kids at two schools. .

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