Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Papers. Papers, Everywhere Papers...

I know this is silly of me to complain because I only have had a kindergartner for a few weeks but the amount of paper she brings home every day is crazy! My plan is to have a hook on the wall for her backpack (she corrects me when I call it a bookbag, I'm old) and a couple of file holders for papers. But instead of hastily putting files on the wall, i am taking my time with that with the design of the "school station". And drowning in papers. I need to go to pinterest. Calvin's class is just as bad. Between worksheets, fundraisers, daily reports, movie nights, etc. it's hard to keep up with! I made the rookie kindergarten parent mistake and put Laci's worksheets on the top of the recycling pile. She found them and couldn't believe Daddy was throwing away her papers. I didn't correct her as I retrieved them. So there is a giant pile of worksheets on the counter ready to be hidden in the recycling pile.

The backpack hook was on the wall but I did not do a very good installation and it has already been ripped out of the wall. I need to put some better anchors in.

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