Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So many loves...

I know what people mean now when they see their childhood and their dreams through their child's eyes. We made a decision to not overly involve our children in activities too early. They get plenty of socialization time and time to learn directions, etc. at daycare. It did not seem necessary to get involved in too many activities too young. I have tried to stick to the rule of one activity at a time. But it occurred to me the other day that Laci has tried a lot of things - tennis lessons, swimming lessons, soccer, gymnastics, Awana, ballet/tap. She is begging to play baseball in the spring and is constantly asking when baseball starts. Our amount of sporting equipment went up tremendously this summer, especially with her birthday this weekend. New cleats, soccer ball, tennis racket, baseball mitt, golf clubs, ballet shoes, tap shoes.

Growing up, I played soccer and danced, ballet and tap. The world of tennis, golf and baseball are completely new to me. I am excited to enter these worlds with my kids. Every time I see Laci try something new, my heart grows so big. I am so excited for her. I am so proud of my big girl. Yesterday, I realized I was "that mom" that watches dance class doing the steps with them in the lobby. The first time I entered her dance studio, I felt like I was coming room. It reminded me so much of my dance studio growing up. I don't know what direction and what sports she will ultimately chose to stick with. But I need to make sure I step back and let her choose what is right for her and where her loves lie.


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