Saturday, October 29, 2011

... and I'll pay...

I watched my little girl grow up a little bit more today.  I wondered awhile ago how to teach Laci about money. It's interesting because we really haven't taught her anything.  But she is definitely picking things up about it.  We play store a lot and she scans things and pretends to pay and things and talks about credit cards.  She is still asking to buy things a lot at the store and we try not to buy things for her for no reason.  And I try to explain that things are expensive or inexpensive.  It's cute when she asked what "on sale" means because I always talk about things being "on sale".  I don't know what she really knows or doesn't know but I hope she is at least picking up our values as she is watching us shop. 

Her grandma gave her a gift card for McDonald's and some cards for free cones.  I wanted to do something special with her today so I told her we could go to McDonald's and get a cone with the card.  A little while later, we were getting ready to go to the store and she said "And we can go to McDonald's for our treat...  and I'll pay."  It was so cute.  I had flashes of the future when she gets her first job and can spend her own money.  When we were at McDonald's, she waited in line, handed over her ice cream card and asked for her ice cream.  I saw the sweetest little girl make her own first purchase all by herself.  It was so cute and sweet.  I was very proud.  Somedays I just can't believe she is as grown up as she is.  I don't know if I have to formally teach Laci about money but she is learning and hopefully we are teaching her by good examples. 

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