Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am definitely loving Laci's vocabulary and watching it increase.  It seems every week there is a "word of the week".  One big word that she uses all the time.  This week it was "definitely".  As in "I definitely am older than Calvin."  "That definitely was a great party."  "I am definitely tired, hungry, etc."  Last week, the word of the week was "positive".  As in "Are you positive that it is time for bed?"  "I'm positive that ..."  It's pretty funny to see her try out new words and their meanings.
Her imagination is definitely hilarious too.  Last night, after her bath she put on Charlie's blue t-shirt.  Apparently, it looked like a choir robe to her.  Suddenly, she was directing the choir and announced that she is the music teacher.  A few minutes later, she pulled the t-shirt down so one arm was out of it, like a toga.  She announced that she was a cave man.  We let her sleep in the giant t-shirt as a night shirt that night.

Music Teacher Laci

I tried to get a good picture but she was too fast and the room was too dark.  Hopefully you get the jist.  :)

Cave Man Laci

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