Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Professor

This is more about my little man.  After I wrote that, I realized the only way I described my little guy was sweet.  He's so much more than that!  He's growing up and making the next leap from baby to little boy.
For one, he is the most serious, focused little baby ever.  He is starting to smile and laugh more but for the longest time, he just had a very serious look on his face all the time.  But he is still very focused and because he is so focused, he gets frustrated so easily.  One of his favorite things to play with are his blocks.  He has a couple of sets of those big Legos.  He gets frustrated and throws his head and entire body backwards if the blocks don't connect just like they should.  He is still working on fine motor skills.  :)  His new favorite thing to play with are balls.  "Ball" is his official first word.  He loves throwing the ball and constantly throws a ball and then walks over to pick it up and do it again.  

He is starting to like books.  When Laci was a baby we read books all the time.  Poor second child Calvin doesn't get the one on one book reading time that she got.  But he will sit look through a book now.  His teacher calls him The Professor when he is "reading" because he is very serious when he does it.  She tells all the other babies to leave him alone.  At the kids Fall Party, she was working the craft table.  When Laci came up to color her leaves wreath, Miss Alice couldn't believe how much time Laci was taking to color it. Most kids came up, scribbled a bit and moved on.  Laci had intense focus on her coloring.  Miss Alice now sees where Calvin gets the focus.  

Another thing that Calvin has recently starting doing is sitting in chairs.  I think it makes him feel like a "Big Boy", especially when he is sitting in a big chair or couch.  He got a child's rocking chair for his birthday and of all the little chairs, he always sits in his rocking chair.  He has also started taking direction really well now.  It's really nice to be able to say "Calvin, we're going outside now" and have him walk to the door.  Or say "Calvin bring me that block" and he will.  

My favorite new development in Calvin and where all the sweetness comes in is how cuddly Calvin is.  Laci was not very cuddly at that age.  Maybe it is a boy/girl thing.  Calvin will just walk over and sit on my lap.  I love it.  He also has started loving stuffed animals.  Laci adores stuffed animals and has several with her at all times.  Calvin is now walking around with stuffed animals too.  They both love Beanie Babies.  Calvin really loves stuffed animals that sing or make music when you squeeze them.  
Right now, sweet Calvin is working on some molars and he is really struggling with it.  He cried, fussed and screamed for awhile tonight.  I felt so bad for him.  He kept throwing himself back on the ground and had a few close calls with furniture.  I can't wait until they poke through and my sweet little guy comes back.  

Playing with his ball machine

The Professor reading on the couch

He loves his rocking chair.  I think he can read his own name on it.

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