Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting anew...

We are starting a new activity tonight - Swimming lessons.  Well, it's not entirely new.  Laci took swimming lessons for a few weeks last winter.  She usually did well once she got there but struggled getting in the water.  She clung to my leg.  

In the winter, Calvin was easy to contain in his infant seat.  Occasionally, another mother offered to sit with him while I lowered Laci into the water.  (Love that Mommy Club!)  Now, I have to contain him and entertain him for 30 minutes at the pool.  I hope the bleachers will be fun enough.  His favorite toy, a ball, may not be the best choice of toys for a pool unless I plan to spend the whole half hour diving in after a ball.  Laci's gymnastics studio was close enough to daycare and early enough that I left Calvin at school and picked him up afterwards.  It was much easier than chasing him for 45 minutes.  Plus, it gave me a chance to focus on Laci and I enjoyed the quiet time to read a book.  

We are taking a break from gymnastics for awhile and Laci asked to try swimming lessons again.  At this point, I want her to try a little bit of everything and not get too focused on one activity.  When I called her gymnastics instructor to tell him that we were taking a break, he made me feel guilty.  I wanted to say "She is 4 and she is not Mary Lou Retten!"  I felt like I was breaking up with gymnastics.  But I was so sucked into the gymnastics that she had been taking lessons non-stop for 6 months.  She loves gymnastics so I know we will be back.  

I always get a little nervous before new activities - will we get there in time?  Will I have time to get the kids dinner and to the pool in time?  Will I remember the towel?  Will Laci get in the water without the drama and tears before hand?  Will Laci have fun?  I hope that because she asked for the swimming lessons that she will be a little more receptive to them.  

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