Sunday, December 16, 2012

My life on ... a Christmas Tree?

I love the Christmas tree and all the ornaments.  As I sat on the floor today looking at all the ornaments, I realized my life is in my ornaments.  There are ornaments from vacation, the year we were married, our first house, our current house, pictures of the kids as babies, etc.  There is even a picture of me as a kindergartner.  Every ornament has a story.  When I got that ornament, who gave me that ornament, why I got that ornament, etc.  There are several L and C ornaments on the tree that used to stand for Charlie and me. Now they are Laci and Calvin's ornaments.  We have ornaments from my childhood and ornaments from Charlie's.  Now the kids are starting to make ornaments at school and they love showing them off.  My Survivor ornament that plays the theme song is their favorite.  Their pictures are plastered over the tree too and they have their favorite ornaments that they can pull out every year.  The tree is their life too.

Last year several people on facebook shared an ornament a day.  I loved that.  I loved seeing everyone's life in ornaments and what is special to them.  I love that my life is saved and displayed on a Christmas tree and every year I can reminisce about those special moments.

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